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Senior hurlers question and answers

posted 23 Sep 2013, 10:59 by Unknown user   [ updated 23 Sep 2013, 11:22 ]

Right folks I got a catch up the senior Hurley captain. Conor mageean took time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us


Occupation: Mechanical engineering student 


Q. If you were to throw a party which 3 celebrities or sports people would you ask around?

A. Neil from the inbetweeners so I would look smart , Mila Kunnis, as she is quite a wee Hottie and would appreciate my spock ear and charming personality <3, and Miley Cyrus as I hear she is quite the dancer.


Q. What is the best sick-note excuse you’ve ever heard?

A. Someone text Philly to say they couldn't make it due to a sore bum...baffled me to be honest


Q. What’s your club/county manager’s favourite saying?

A.Philly-Take us on a Half lap

    Marty-'Its a bita craic' (whats a bita craic about sprints??)

    Eamon- Pull or smash or steel or smash...something along them lines


Q. What is your least favourite training drill?

A.Sprints.No one can like them things


Q. Best dresser?

A.Ricky Dog.Comes to training like a golfer in them chinos half the time


Q. Who is the joker/prankster in the team?

A:  There are a few. Me setting example i prefer not to take part in such immature behaviour but that Neil White one is constantly messing about...    


Q. What is your favourite food?

A.KFC, Wishing well curry, Ferry grill I have too many foods i like!


Q. Favourite drink?

A.I'm getting on in years now so im more of a red wine man... Im a particular fan of the tonic stuff made by the Monks..Buckfast. Lovely 


Q. Favourite dessert?

A.Caramel crunchy Cheese Cake


Q. What is the best book (sport or otherwise) you've read?

A.All Dan Browns books. 


Q. Which team-mate has the biggest bag of toiletries?

A. Now geard Adair has left the Senior team (thank God) title has to go to Keniv Mcgarry...Even brings gel to training.


Q. Who is your favourite GAA player of all-time?

A. Noel McGrath


Q. Facebook or Twitter?



Q. Who is your favourite comedian?

A.Kevin Bridges


Q. What music are you listening to at the moment?

A.Artic Monkeys, Lana del ray and jassssooooonnnn derulloooooooooo 


Q. What’s your favourite film of all-time?

A.Shawshank redemption


Q. What was the last film you went to see at the cinema? Hit or Miss?

A.Meet the Millars.HIT


Q. What is it like playing along side your wee brother in this years Championship with him making his senior championship debut in the semi's?

A.Doesn't make too much of a difference really.Looking on you probably see us ripping the bag out of each other after missed scores etc ... but it does mean the both of us take regular trips to the toilet on championship day..Andrex multi pack is required.


Q. Have you any sport superstitions?

A.Don't tie your shorts until your leaving the changing room.


Q. Biggest influence on your career?

A.Stephen Murray, taught me all about being a forward. He tells me he is better than Dule.


Q. If you weren’t a GAA player what sport would you be playing?

A.Football, would be the best left back in the town. God knows Leeds could have signed me up by now!


Q. What annoys you?

A.People who winge at training...So Mursur basically


Q. Who is your sporting hero?

A.Brian O'Driscoll


Q. Name the toughest opponent you have faced?

A.Johnny Campbell (Loughguile)


Q. Which county apart from your own do you secretly like to do well and why?



Q. Favorite Sports moto

A. Hard work beats talent when talent isn't working


Q. What is your favourite sporting memory?

A.Senior championship 2012


 Q. Any other comments you would like to make before this Sundays big match?

A.You can feel sore tomorrow and win or you can feel sorry tomorrow and lose.Give it your all and have no regrets.